10 Amazing Benefits of Banana | Use Banana Fruits in diet

10 Amazing Benefits of Banana | Use Banana Fruits in diet

10 Amazing Benefits of Banana | Use Banana Fruits in diet

Written by: Chitradeep Ashok                                          Date: 00.08.2017

Banana is a popular fruit, which kids and seniors prefer. Banana’s reputation is in the form of a quick energy boost. Banana is available everywhere in India and is quite popular. Banana is used in many ways. Ripped bananas are used in addition to eating, making shakes, jams, and many types of sweets and chips. Raw banana is used as a vegetable. The amazing benefits of Banana, are telling Nature Bring.

In India, banana leaves are used to eat food in the South. Since it gives energy immediately, so take it as breakfast at the beginning of the day. Banana is very beneficial for the stomach. It is said that there are 90 calories in a banana piece. It is full of nutrients and vitamins; the banana is also a good source of potassium. Read also how to grow Banana.

Amazing Benefit of Banana

Bananas contain many types of nutrients, vitamins, and other minerals. Let’s see how much banana is necessary for our body. If we assess the nutrients of 100 grams of banana, it is a good source of potassium directly, as well as bananas contains many antioxidants and fibers.


  • Total fat 0.3 mg
  • Cholesterol – 0
  • Dietary fiber – 2.6 mg
  • Sugar-12gm
  • Protein -1.1 GM
  • Potassium – 360 mg
  1. Abundant fiber content:              

Banana contains abundant fiber. There are both types of soluble and insoluble fibers, and fiber slows down the action of digestion, which does not cause long hunger. Therefore, moreover, people include bananas in breakfast. Read more.

  1. Control High Blood pressure:

Banana contains two important minerals such as potassium and magnesium. It is necessary for the body to walk smoothly. Hence,  both of them keep their blood and heart health. Due to the high levels of potassium and magnesium the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

  1. Useful for weight loss:

 Bananas contain nutrients such as potassium, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, niacin, and B6. They make an appropriate contribution to the whole body and keep your body healthy. Green banana is most useful for weight loss because it is the biggest source of resistant starch. It is different from the stomached starch and it is an indigestible carbohydrate. Bananas increase digestion and make the appetite even less. Find it more.

  1. Best Energy booster: 

These three types of sugar content are found in bananas, glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Glucose, Fructose, immediately absorbs blood flow and gives instant power. The sucrose is gradually absorbed and keeps blood sugar levels stable.

  1. Protects from colon cancer:

In Banana, the ingredients called pectin are found. Research shows that pectin protects from colon cancer. Although the amount of pectin is reduced in ripe bananas, the green beef provides high protection of colon cancer.

  1. For Skin and hair care:

In bananas, besides nutrients, there are some elements that make your skin and hair clean. Bananas are filled with antioxidants, and their peels are repaired skin damaged cells. Banana is a good source of vitamin A which helps in removing the dark spots of skin. Banana peels can be used directly on skin part. You can use mashed bananas as simple hair moisturizing. See for more information.

  1. Helpful for digestion

According to Ayurveda banana has a sweet and sour taste. It is said that the sweet taste is known for encouraging the sense of the heaviness and sour taste is known to stimulate the digestive tract.  It is helpful in the formation of metabolism.

  1. Suitable for Anemia

Iron is an important element in reducing blood deficiency, high amounts of iron are found in bananas. Therefore, it is a suitable medicine for the diseases of Anemia. Due to lack of blood, the amount of hemoglobin is reduced in the body. It increases fatigue, shortness of breath and virtue in the body.

  1. Against acidity

The Banana has natural antacid properties, due to which they provide stays against acidity. It is also beneficial for heartburn. It is also beneficial in preventing ulcers in the stomach from growing.

  1. To increase sex drive

 An enzyme called bromelain in banana is found in abundance. It is beneficial in increasing sex drive and fertility of men. Banana food is therefore considered a powerful source.

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