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Damson Plum: a suspicious variety

Damson plum is a suspicious fruit so here we are bringing for you, health benefits, essential minerals and vitamins, side effects and a recipe of damson plum, know more about it here:

It is a fruit which is related to the plum family. Damson plum is a suspicious variety of plum. It is differentiated from other plums because of its size and color variation. They are suspicious as very less people know about this fruit but also it is considered as one of the most beautiful looking fruit. Along with its beauty is contains many vitamins and minerals.

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Minerals and vitamins present in damson plum that will help maintain a healthy and good looking body know more about these minerals and vitamins:

Damson Plum contains many health benefitting agents which will help you in maintaining a healthy body with all the required vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, K, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, and dietary fibers

Damson plum consists of many health benefits that might focus your interest know more about these health benefits here that improve your living:

It has many health benefits that you might be interested to know,

  1. Aids digestion, as it contains a high amount of dietary fibers
  2. Reduces constipation
  3. Reduces gastric ulcer
  4. Helps in weight loss
  5. Improves heart health, as it contains potassium
  6. Reduces cardiovascular stress hence reducing high blood pressure
  7. Boosts energy level and immunity
  8. Since it also contains magnesium and vitamin C which reduces insomnia

Damson plum jam:

  • 2 kg Damson plums
  • 2 kg sugar


  1. Take Damson Plums and wash them properly with chilled water.
  2. Take a vessel filled with damson plums and pour water to cover them, leave it to boil.
  3. Now add sugar in it when the mixture is semi cooked and leave it to boil unless it is completely boiled.
  4. Once the plums are boiled, sieve all the seeds and dirt out of the mixture.
  5. Put it into the jars and enjoy eating your Damson Plum jam.

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Damson Plum side effects overeating can lead to many problems know more about these problems here:

Damson Plums are one of the most beautiful fruit amongst all but yet very less people have heard about this amazing fruit. It has many health benefits and due to this excess amount of minerals and vitamins present in this fruit, this fruit can cause many side effects if eaten too much together. Some of the side effects of eating too much fruit like indigestion, stomach ache, acidity and much more.

So everyone reading this article please remember that fruit are good for health but, if eaten too much can lead to many problems. Always take a balanced diet of everything.

 Rome was not built in a day

it takes time to build something great, same goes in building a healthy body it will take time to grow a beautiful and healthy body and for that, all you have to do is keep patience and eat steady.



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