Health benefits of Coleus Plants | Coleus Herb’s benefits

Health benefits of Coleus Plants | Coleus Herb’s benefits

Health benefits of Coleus Plants | Coleus Herb’s benefits

Written by: Ramchandra Bhatia                                        Date: 22.08.2017

The coleus plant is not just for decorating the house but it is a great herb. It is recognized as a decorative plant throughout the world. It is related to the Lamiaceae family and it is called Mint Family of Herb. It is popular in India and it is used as a traditional herb. It is used as a medicine in many types of disorders, it can be confirmed by ancient Sanskrit texts. Coleus plants can help you with problems like insomnia and convulsions, and lung diseases, blood pressure, Glaucoma, muscle spasms and Hypothyroidism.

Coleus Plant has been used only as medicines since ancient times. Its roots are rich in forskolin which gives speed to cyclic adenosine monophosphate. It is helpful in controlling the metabolism of glucose, proteins, and lipids. It acts as an adrenaline-like hormone.

Control Blood Pressure:

Studies show that in the coleus plant, forskolin regulates blood pressure. It relaxes the blood pressure easily from the muscles of the blood vessel walls. Many research shows that instead of synthetic medicines these natural drugs can easily overcome them. Many studies also show that forskolin platelet prevents aggregation. Which helps in keeping the heart-healthy. See more.

Health Benefits of Hypothyroidism:

In the coleus plants, there is a forskolin which regulates the different hormones and enzymes found in the human body. It is used to cure and treat thyroid gland, especially at such times when the gland is under functioning.

Beneficial in Anti Histamine and Anti-Asthma:

Coleus plant exerts the smooth muscle relaxant effect, which increases the bronchial tube dilution, airway resistance and increased lung air volume capacities. This action is due to the increase of Cyclic AMP. Which inhibits the enzymes and causes the breakdown. Cellular cyclic AMP acts as histamine, which gives benefits in asthma

caused by an allergy.

Weight Loss:

By increasing cyclic AMP, it promotes the breakdown of human fat cells. Cyclic AMP increases metabolic rate, it affects the processes that affect the body with energy and hunger. Many studies show that the coleus is safe to balance weight and reduce body fat.


Glaucoma is a disease in eyes due to a high intraocular pressure. Forskolin is found in the collage plants, it reduces the pressure blocked by cyclic AMP, and reduces the flow of the eyes of the fluid. It has been found in the study that it lowers intraocular pressure.

Control glucose level:

Controls glucose The cyclic AMP glucose regulates metabolism. Forskolin also cooperates with it and provokes pancreatic cells to release insulin. Experiments conducted in many laboratories and mice show that Forskolin decreased glucose levels. This result shows that it can be used as a possible treatment in the form of promising results.

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