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Home remedies for cold | Common Cold

Common cold: is common cold good for immunity?

Cure a cold through home driven medicines: home remedies for cold

Know all about cold, what causes cold and home remedies to cure a cold, also know if cold really boosts our immunity

Cold is a condition which can be really irritating at times when you are traveling for work and with a sudden climatic change you start suffering from running nose, headache, blocked nostrils, sneezes, and cough. Cold not only brings all these problems to you but also brings a lot of other problems like body pain, nausea, fatigue, weakness, temperature and a lot depending on what causes you to cold.

In this article we will be discussing treatments other than medicines to help you cure your cold-related problems and also know if cold is good for our system, does it provide any benefit to our body or only loss?

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Know here about some home remedies to cure cold

Let’s have a look at some home remedies for cold and health problems due to weather change,

  1. Ginger
  2. Honey
  3. Basil
  4. Hot water
  5. Mulethi
  6. Take steam
  7. Turmeric (Haldi) dudh
  8. Gargle with hot water with a pinch of salt mixed in it
  9. Drink hot chocolate
  10. Drink veg/chicken soup

Cold is a syndrome where you suffer from many problems like cough, choked throat, mucus, headache, running nose, watery nose, or sometimes blocked nose, this happens due to climatic change or sudden change in weather conditions, this can also happen because of traveling, if you are allergic to dust it can lead you to such syndrome.

The reason behind this is that our body can not react to sudden change, our body is habitual to a constant change. Therefore, due to a sudden change in our body conditions, some harmful bacteria start developing in our body which affects our immune system and starts killing our WBC which is responsible for our body’s security.

Cold is a pain in everyone’s neck, no one wants to suffer from cold, but if we say we should have a cold once or twice a year. Know if cold is good or not

Yes, it is true that no one likes cold it makes a human very clumsy and weak, nobody feels like working or doing anything in the time of cold. It restricts our work capacity.

Though nobody wants cold in their home one should not wish that. It is true that it affects our immunity and make us clumsy but there is a fact associated with it that suffering from cold is considered good and beneficial to health if happens once or twice a year we are talking about only common cold that lasts 1 weak maximum.

When cold attacks our body in order to fight against cold-causing bacteria our body generates new WBC in order to protect our body only if we take little measures. Those regenerated WBC’s are more powerful and effective.

Therefore, they increase our body immunity two times after a common cold.

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Measures you need to take in order to help your body regenerate new WBS’s in our body

  1. Take proper rest
  2. Stay away from cold things like rice (do not eat rice in cold, it can make your cold even worst), bananas, curd, buttermilk, and other cold things
  3. Drink hot chocolates, tea, ginger water, turmeric milk and above mentioned things.
  4. Relax your mind and body,
  5. Eat prescribed medicines but in the case of emergency, otherwise, try to avoid.
  6. Consult your doctor immediately

These are the only thongs you need to take care of but if you have a common cold you can do all the things mentioned above.


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