5 Most loved garden helpers

5 Most loved garden helpers

Garden helpers

The Garden always adds beauty to the house. A beautiful garden is good for both kids and adults, it refreshes the mood. So, here are some free garden helpers who can help to keep your garden healthy.

Though we try to keep the garden healthy and happy ourselves, there are many creatures that help in keeping the garden healthy like butterflies, earthworms, bees, ladybugs, and hummingbirds.

1. Butterflies as garden helpers.

These beautiful creatures always bring movement and beauty to a garden. Butterflies are helpful for fruits and vegetables to produce new seeds because when they sit on flowers for nectar their bodies collect pollen and then carry it to the other plants.

Butterflies carry out the process of pollination. Almost one-third of all the plants need pollination to grow fruits and butterflies are major pollinators.

Butterflies also provide assistance in the genetic variation of the plant species that they collect nectar from. They allow the pollens to be shared across different groups of plants. The plants involved in the process have a better chance of survival because they become more resistant to diseases.

2. Earthworms as garden helpers.

Earthworms are one of the best to keep your garden healthy. They mix and aerate the soil. Also, earthworms are one of the most important factors in the success of a garden.

Soils require plowing to allow air and water to get to the root of the plants and earthworms act as tiny plows in a garden. They make tunnels as they move through the soil in the garden giving access to air and water to get to the roots. Without air and water, plants will fail to grow well.

If the soil is too dry and compacted then also the plants won’t survive for long. The more the earthworms, the better the soil is. Earthworms feed on organic matter like dirt, grass clippings, and dead leaves and then they excrete that helps the soil to enrich further.

Adding more organic matter to the garden can increase the number of earthworms. The waste of the earthworms is called casting that is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, and nutrients that help the garden.

There are four main types of earthworms: garden worms, red worms, nightcrawlers, and manure worms. These earthworms enrich the soil with their castings and tunnels.

3. Bees as garden helpers.

Bees are not only honey producers but a lot more than that. Bees are known as the masters of pollination. They play a great role in the production of plants and nearly most of the plants wouldn’t exist without them.

Bees require plants for nutrition. Bees are very important for cross-pollination, they carry pollen grains from one plant to another. As a result, more plants and flowers grow making the garden more beautiful.

You can attract bees in your garden by planting some bee-friendly plants like Rosemary, Beebalm, Marigolds, Wild Geranium, Poppies, Clovers, Oregano, Asters, Sedum, etc.

Squash bees, Mason bees, Blueberry bees, Alkali bees, and Bumblebees are some of the species that usually visit the garden. 

Squash bees carry nectar and pollens usually from gourds, pumpkin, and squash. So, they can help in your vegetable garden.

Mason bees are efficient pollinators for fruit trees and blueberry bees are important pollinators of blueberries. And, Bumblebees usually pollinate on edible flowers such as tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries.

4. Ladybugs as garden helpers.

Ladybugs or lady beetles are the most famous and the best-known garden predators and beautiful guests in the garden. Ladybugs eat away the Aphids, aphids have sucking mouthparts that suck the nutrients from the plants. Aphids make the leaves weak by sucking the nutrients and can be devastating pests to plant life.

Unhealthy plants have difficulty in producing fruits and plants. Killing aphids through chemical pesticides can affect the soil and kill other good insects and earthworms too. So, Ladybugs are a natural way to deter pests and keeping the garden healthy and beautiful.

5. Hummingbirds as garden helpers.

Hummingbirds are known as “jewel birds” because they make the garden come to light with movement and life. Hummingbirds are great pollinators and can also eat pest insects that are harmful to the garden.

You can attract hummingbirds in your garden by planting bright colored flowers with the most nectar-like daylilies, columbines, bee balms, etc. Hummingbirds in your garden make it more beautiful.

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