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10 ways to get a healthy Kidney

Kidney health  

Hello everyone, today we are going to tell you about some interesting facts and importance of the kidney. While mentioning kidney we all make a weird look, though everyone knows about how important is kidney to us because it is very less talked about therefore we don’t pay much intentional attention as we do to our skin, stomach, eyes or hair. Skin is the largest organ in our body but the kidney is one of the most important organs which detoxifies our body.

Kidneys perform many important functions like:

  1. Detoxify our body
  2. Purifies blood
  3. Removes drugs particles
  4. Releases fluids that keep check our BP
  5. Release hormones that keep our bones healthy and strong

In the following paragraphs, you will be reading about bad kidney symptoms, ways to keep your kidney healthy, and things to avoid to maintain good kidney health.

10 ways to get a healthy Kidney

Unhealthy kidney symptoms

As mentioned above a good kidney performs many actions. Actions, if not performed can cause many serious problems. If your kidneys are not working properly there are many symptoms you

  1. Urinating very frequently
  2. High B.P
  3. Blood in urine
  4. Dark yellow color urine
  5. A swollen area near eyes
  6. Swollen ankles
  7. Difficulty in sleep
  8. Bad breath
  9. Experiencing weakness
  10. Not urinating properly

You may have noticed that many symptoms are related to urine, that is because kidney is directly linked with urine as all the unwanted toxins in the body is released by urine that is why it is said that, know kidney status by looking at your pee color.

10 healthy habits to keep kidney healthy

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Eat fish
  3. Eat sweet potatoes,
  4. Strawberries,
  5. Spinach,
  6. Apples,
  7. Asparagus,
  8. Watermelon,
  9. Exercise on a daily basis, morning walk
  10. Pumpkin seeds

spinach juice

10 unhealthy habits to avoid to keep kidney healthy

  1. Eat lots of junk food
  2. Heavy eating just before bedtime
  3. Not drinking enough water
  4. Eating lots of peanuts
  5. Drinking alcohols on a daily basis
  6. Eating Avocados, canned food
  7. Eating bananas or any high potassium content
  8. Consuming dairy products
  9. Eating tomatoes

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Our kidney needs plenty of water to help detoxify our body from drugs and other unnecessary elements.

It needs less amount of potassium diet to perform properly.

Our body needs a good amount of exercise and rest to help kidney perform its functions.

Consult the doctor as soon as possible if any symptoms are visible.

All the body organs are interlinked with one another, a pollution free environment will give you fresh air to breathe, which will help good bacteria enter your body, which further enhances the capabilities of our body.

Live around plants and green environment to protect your body from untimely damages and a successful, tension free, stress-free life full of love and happiness.



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