5 Top red cabbage benefits | Health benefits of Purple cabbage

5 Top red cabbage benefits | Health benefits of Purple cabbage

Red Cabbage benefits (Purple cabbage)

The leaves of red cabbage (Purple cabbage) are dark red or purple in color and taste somewhat similar to green cabbage. It is a kind of cabbage and is also known as Blaukraut after its preparation. When eaten raw, it tastes crunchy and peppery and when eaten cooked, it tastes softer and sweeter. Red cabbage is often used raw for coleslaw and salads. It can also be cooked and it is a traditional side dish that is served with many German meals. Red cabbage benefits contain an anthocyanin-based dye which can be used as a pH indicator.

Purple cabbage

Health benefits of Purple cabbage

It is a cruciferous vegetable that is rich in nutrients, low in fat and calorie, and provides the body with various health benefits. It is rich in vitamins like vitamin K and vitamin C and also has a high content of antioxidants, especially anthocyanins. Red cabbage nutrition is a good source of fiber and consuming it regularly is very beneficial.

A diet rich in cruciferous vegetables like red cabbage helps in protecting the body against various types of cancer. Red cabbage nutrition provides many health benefits like skincare, eye care, premature aging, cancer, weight loss, boosting the immune system, and many other benefits.

Promotes heart health

Red cabbage benefits help maintain the health of the heart because of the high content of anthocyanins present in it. It is a beneficial plant compound that helps in reducing the risks of heart diseases.

Anthocyanins present in red cabbage nutrition keep the blood pressure level low which helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It raises the levels of lutein, beta-carotene, and other heart-protective antioxidants. The risk of hardening of the arteries is reduced and since it also helps in easing inflammation, it protects against heart diseases.

Helps in weight loss.

Adding red cabbage nutrition to your diet is super beneficial if you want to lose weight because it is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. This makes the person feel full and also decreases the intake of calories in the body.

It contains comparatively more nutrients and fewer calories than the other leafy vegetables of the same family. Therefore, it is an ideal addition to the diet for people who aim to lose weight.

Helps in keeping the bones and muscles strong.

Red cabbage is considered one of the best vegetables for healthy bone development. It is rich in nutrients that keep the bone structure healthy. Red cabbage benefits are rich in vitamin K, and also contains calcium, magnesium, and zinc which are all beneficial for the maintenance of a healthy bone structure.

Regular consumption of red cabbage benefits can protect the body against bone-related issues such as osteoporosis. Eating raw cabbage helps in strengthening bones and also prevents joint pain by improving the functioning of bones and muscles.

It is good for digestion

It is effective in aiding the digestive process because it is rich in dietary fiber and low in calories. Consumption of cooked cabbage prevents stomach ailments like constipation and indigestion.

Because of high fiber content, it gets easier to digest foods and that keeps the digestive system healthy. The soluble fiber helps in the valuable bacteria in the gut. Eating fermented benefits help in strengthening the intestines because it promotes the balance of gut microbes and probiotics in the digestive system.

Health benefits of Purple cabbage

Red cabbage nutrition also improves the skin health

This is one of the best vegetables to keep the skin young and healthy. The antioxidants present in cabbage helps in reducing the signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, flexible skin, etc. Vitamin C in red cabbage is very beneficial for skin health and makes the skin clean and clear.

It also contains sulfur that helps in drying the oil from the skin which prevents acne. Vitamin A present in it promotes the re-growth of skin cells making the skin healthier. It also prevents the skin from suntan.

Not only can does red cabbage keep the skin healthy, but it is also used in treating skin conditions like eczema, insect bites, acne, arthritis, ulcers, and psoriasis.

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