Custard apple | Health benefits of Custard Apple | Cherimoya

Custard apple | Health benefits of Custard Apple | Cherimoya

Custard Apple

With changing lifestyle our climatic conditions have also changed a lot. As we are growing summers are also growing with us so is the heat. Not only in India but all over the world temperature has risen a certain limit. There’s a little we can do to decrease the temperature but there are many ways to lower your body temperature by the use of custard apple.    cherimoya   sitafal custard apple benefits sugar apple 

In this thriving summer where everyone is finding an alternative to keep their body cool, we are here with a solution in terms of fruit. “Custard apples” (sitaphal) as this fruit thrives in a very dry climate this fruit is very juicy by nature. This sweet fruit grows in temperature around 23-34 C. Custard apple contains 73gm of water in every 100gm of pulp. This fruit has many other names also “sitaphal”, “ata”, “sugar apples”, “sweetsop”, “sitaphalam”, “sitaphalamu”, “sareefa”, “cherimoya”, “sugar apple” and many more. It has creamy-white pulp and a very pleasant aroma, and apart from the fact that it will keep your brain and body cool it has many other health benefits also.

Custard Apples

Health benefits of custard apple

Along with all the juice and sweetness custard apple contains many essential minerals and Vitamins important in our body. These minerals and Vitamins help us to stay healthy. Every 100gm of pulp contains 73gm of water, 24mg calcium, 0.60mg iron, 21mg magnesium, 32mg phosphorus, 247mg potassium, 9mg sodium, and 0.10mg zinc. These are all the essential minerals that are required for a healthy being.

But minerals alone can’t keep you healthy you also need some Vitamins, therefore to balance this fruit nature has flourished it with many Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, Foliate, which takes care of your immune system, helps you grow your hair, takes care of your skin by clearing acne and pimples and by making it shine naturally, it helps increase your body weight, it increases blood in your body there very good for anaemic people, it prevents acidity, it is very good for heart patients, it helps in curing swelling in bronchial tube, hence reducing the risk of asthma attacks, it lowers your blood pressure.             sitafal

Healthy child

It is a sweet fruit  but yet it can be consumed by diabetic patients not only this it also decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes, it can be used to cure upset stomach as it contains fibers which clean your stomach, also it is good for pregnant women if consumed by pregnant lady it helps develop fetus properly and gives it strength it also reduces the risk of uncertain miscarriages.       sugar apple sugar apple sugar apple

With all these benefits custard apples can be a great addition to your lifestyle and diet. If you add this wonderful fruit to your diet, then along with taste you will get rid of more than half of your illness and also it will regain energy loss in your body due to this heat.
If your children don’t like Custard apples, then you can make ice-creams or make smoothies out of it. It is a great alternative for dairy products if your children run away from milk products then custard apple can compensate for it. It is this sweetness that will make everyone in your house eats this fruit whether it is your children or someone with diabetes, or elderly people or pregnant women.

Custard apple

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Side effects of custard apple

But like it is said there comes a bad thing with every good thing so is with this fruit where its pulp brings so much health to your home its seeds are totally opposite with respect to its pulp. Remember to throw away the seed as they can be poisonous if consumed, can cause many problems. Remember don’t let your pets also to consume the seed. You can use its seeds as medicine instead of other chemicals.
So be careful, stay healthy, eat lots of Custard Apple.            cherimoya cherimoya custard apple benefits

Here at gardeninfograph we try to bring in front of you many relatable topics that are can add up to a healthy diet in your homes to keep your family and friends healthy. Some topics that we have covered are apple, banana, lychee, guava, pineapple, hala fruit, damson plum, rambutan and you will find many more.                    sitafal sitafal  custard apple benefits custard apple benefits custard apple benefits


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