10 Best hanging plants for your home

10 Best hanging plants for your home

Hanging plants

There are so many ways to decorate your home but decorating it with plants is always beautiful. If you love making your home feel fresh and green, plants are a very good option but you must decide which might be the look the best. Putting small plants on the floor or shelves might congest the area and they might not be the best answer, the same space can be used for other things as well. Not all plants are suitable for hanging so we have made a list of some best hanging plants for your home and also some hanging methods to choose from.

Air plant

1. Air Plant

Air plant known as Tillandsia is a very good option as a hanging plant, they are low-maintenance and can be hanged anywhere since they don’t require soil to survive. You can hang them in glass or plastic containers but in a spot where there are enough sunlight and air. They are easy to take care of and hence, they are good options as a hanging plant.

money plant

2. Devil’s Ivy

Also known as Golden Pathos, it is one of the best hanging plants because it is so easy to care for. It can withstand a variety of growing conditions and also grow faster. It can adjust to both dim or bright sunlight. A beginner can also take care of them easily. They can also be hanged in your bedroom as they purify the air. You can hang them tying a rope around the pot or container you’re using and decorate it wherever you want.

Maidenhair fern

3. Maidenhair fern

This hanging plant is very beautiful to look at. Since they are attractive you can decorate your living room or drawing room with them. You can hang them in small containers in humid and a spot that is evenly lit. They are a very good indoor hanging plant as they remove pollutants from the air.

Strings of pearls

4. Strings of pearls

As the name itself, the plant has a distinctive look with pearls as its appearance. These round pearls are filled with water so it helps them to survive for a longer period. They look very attractive when hanged to the ceiling when the strings of pearls falling from the containers you have kept them in. You can use white round containers to give the plant a better look.

Spider plant

5. Spider plant

Chlorophytum comosum also known as spider plant is a very good option for hanging plant, it is a very easy to grow and adaptable houseplant. They add greenery to your home and also purify the air. You can hang them in baskets. They are deep green and the leaves glow adding beauty to your home.

Boston fern

6. Boston fern

Nephrolepis exaltata are also easy to take care of and are absolutely stunning to look at. They can tolerate low humidity as well and also harmless to pets. They are a very good option as a hanging plant for your bedroom and living room. The feathery fronds hanging from the basket are very attractive to look at.

Burro's tail

7. Burro’s tail

Sedum morganianum, the donkey tail, or burro’s tail have thick stems so they can survive without water for a long time. This hanging plant is a very good option for your bedroom with a larger space because they’re free to trail. They prefer bright sunlight so you can hang them in your bedroom gallery and enjoy coffee in the evening with a beautiful view of your gallery.

Ripple peperomia

8. Ripple peperomia

Peperomia caperata has a unique outlook, making them a very good indoor hanging plant. They have a variety of colors like green, gray, cream, and red. They have varied patterns too, so you have options to choose from. You can choose them according to the colors of your wall too. They require general care medium sunlight with water once or twice a week depending on the season.

String of nickels hanging plant

9. String of Nickels

Dischidia nummularia also known as String of nickels has coin-shaped leaves with silver variegation. They are also a very attractive hanging plant, you can hang them in baskets. They look very beautiful spilling over the hanging baskets and can be used as a hanging plant in your living room or drawing-room. You can also hang them outside in the gallery in warm weather.

Arrowhead plant

10 Arrowhead Plant

Syngonium podophyllum also known as arrowhead vines, five fingers, or arrowhead plants. As the name suggests the leaves of this plant are arrow-shaped but then grow a few fingers. These two have shades of burgundy, pink and green. Therefore, giving the owner a variety of option to choose from. These plants require humid conditions. It may also be grown as an outside plant but is typically an indoor houseplant. You can plant them in baskets and hang in your bathroom or kitchen. They are a very good option as a hanging plant for your home.

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