Amazing Health benefits of Garlic |  Garlic Nutrients and side effects

Amazing Health benefits of Garlic |  Garlic Nutrients and side effects


Know Amazing Health benefits of Garlic, Garlic Nutrients, side effects and more about this herb. Garlic is very easily available in every kitchen. If you include it regularly in your diet, it helps to control blood sugar. Its effectiveness can be easily reduced by the effects of diabetes complications, along with it helps you to reduce cholesterol and promote circulation. For thousands of years,  Allium sativum has been used medicinally throughout the world.

Because of the availability of antibiotics easily, garlic was used in the care of wounds for victims during both world wars.  Allium sativum is still effective for the treatment of lacerations and cuts, and infected lesions. Another study suggests that the use of garlic type 2-diabetes improves blood cholesterol levels significantly. The use of Allium sativum reduces the cholesterol level.


 Nutrients Facts

  • You can get low vitamins, minerals, and proteins by using 100 grams of garlic.
  • It contains about 150 calories, the amount of protein approximately 6.36 grams.
  • Allium sativum has a rich amount of vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, Folate, and Vitamin C.
  • Apart from this, rich elements like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and sodium are present in it.
  • Allium sativum is the source of rare organic compounds; allicin, alicatin1, and alicatin2 are available in this.

Health benefits of Garlic

Allium sativum contains high amounts of sulfur, which provides antibiotic properties, it keeps the digestive tract disturbed and helps to remove the toxic substances from the body. People use it to increase the immune system during the winter season. It prevents heart diseases. According to Ayurveda, it is used for rejuvenation. You can use it to fix skin diseases and to shine.

We are introducing you aware of the 7 wondrous effects of garlic.


Prevention of cold and flu

Various experiments have shown that chemical compounds like allicin are found in garlic, which is effective in eliminating microorganisms responsible for rare infections. It also helps in preventing other infections. If you incorporate garlic regularly into your diet, it can relieve you from stubborn cold and flu, if you use 2-3 garlic cloves in a day raw or cooked, it relieves the stuffed nose and common cold and boosts your immune system. Read also.


High blood pressure

You can use garlic regularly for relief from hypertension, it can be a natural remedy. Apart from blood pressure, there are many other health benefits than its consumption. It is medically used at least 3,000 years old.

Allium sativum has chemical compound allicin, which is beneficial in hypertension. The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences examined the impact of pills made from garlic powder on lightly medium-high blood pressure men. The research said that the use of 600 mg time-released garlic powder tablet reduces the level of hypertension. Read more.

Blood purifier

Garlic is a high blood purifier. Acne on your face spoils your skin, the main reason is toxin blood. If you use 2-3 cloves of garlic every day with hot water and drink plenty of water, it cleans up your systems and expands toxins from the body. Eat half a lemon in a glass of Luke warm water and take 2-3 cloves in the morning, you will get the benefit.


Various researches show that by eating garlic, regulating blood sugar levels, preventing or reducing the effects of diabetes, fighting infection and reducing LDL cholesterol. (16)  Another study shows that it improves blood cholesterol levels for Type II diabetics. Its use has reduced total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and a slight increase in HDL cholesterol. Read more.

Bone health

Higher age and unhealthy lifestyle can affect your bones. Studies show that it is quite effective against osteoporosis and arthritis. The use of its oil was done by the scientists on rats and it was able to suppress the ovarianectomy-induced bone resuscitation. It reduces the risk of osteoarthritis, and overall bone plays an essential role in health improvement.

Increasing digestion

If you add some cloves of raw to your diet then you can get rid of digestive problems. Believed that the use of Allium sativum helps to intestinal problems such as dysentery, diarrhea, and colitis. It reduces inflammation or burning sensation of the gastric canal. It destroys harmful bacteria. Allium sativum not only strengthens digestive power but relieves gas produced in the stomach. Read also.

Boosts Immunity systems

Garlic longs contain phytonutrients and reduce oxidative stress, because of which the immune system is strong. It reduces fatigue and brings energy in the body.  A survey was done in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine 2012 shows that garlic plays a supporting role in enhancing the immune system. Experimenting on garlic extract of rats has shown that at high concentration, the number of white blood cell growth and immune system-was seen as high as possible.


Effective for skin and hair

Allium sativum protects the skin due to its invigorating properties, it slows down the collagen deficiency, which leads to loss of elasticity in the glowing skin.  Allium sativum protects the infected skin fungal infections, it also relieves skin diseases like eczema. It is very effective for fungal infections such as herpes.  Its oil is used to prevent hair loss. Read more.


  •  Allium sativum is beneficial everywhere but seeks information before using it. Asthma patients should avoid garlic because it can harm you.
  •  Allium sativum should not be used before any kind of surgery or a medical operation.
  • Do not consume more than 2-3 garlic cloves in one day. Consult the doctor for more use.

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