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Kafal | Fruit towards a healthy you

What is Kafal?

This fruit found in the Himalayan belt and Nepal region. It is a symbol of the change of season, I.e end of spring and start of summers. This fruit is very much untouched as not many people know about the health benefits of this fruit.

So, in this article, we will talk about Kafal and its health benefits. This fruit grows at an altitude of 4000-6000 ft. This juicy fruit is enriched with antioxidant properties. It is sweet and sour in taste which helps increase digestive enzymes in our body and also increase immunity which helps fight against problems like. Garden infograph is telling you about the quality of fruit.

Benefits about Kafal

  • Stomach related problems
  • Mental Stress
  • A headache
  • A toothache
  • Lungs problem
  • Asthma
  • Cold
  • Fever

And much more…

This sweet and sour kafal fruit is a great stress buster, but as it is said that good things don’t last for long, same is with this fruit also, lifespan of this fruit is only 1 day, so if someone offers you Kafal fruit which is kept for more than a day, even for half price, then it is recommended not to buy that fruit as it can make negative impacts on your body.

So enjoy this summer and eat lots of care and keep yourself hydrated and away from diseases.

Happy summers 😊


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