The Benefits of Calendula | Calndula nutrients and side effects

The Benefits of Calendula | Calndula nutrients and side effects

Calendula (pot marigold)

The Benefits of Calendula | Calendula nutrients and side effects. Hello everyone, it gives us immense pleasure to share our knowledge on this amazing variety of oil known as oil. This oil is extracted naturally from the marigold flower. Its oil plays a vital role in benefiting our health. It is a reliable cure for antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial problems that we may face in our day to day lives. Oil holds great properties that help in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and in relieving diaper rash.

Benefits of Calendula | Calndula nutrients, side effects

The Baby’s skin is very sensitive as compared to an adult. It is very important to protect it from harmful chemicals that we use to prevent diaper rash. You can use calendula oil as an alternative. Since a natural and healthy treat that does not damage the sensitive skin of the baby. You can also use this oil as an antiseptic.

It is made by mixing marigold flower essays with an oil carrier. You can use it on your own without a pharmaceutical prescription as cream, lotions ointments or salves. You can also use it as a tincture, tea, or capsule.

Benefits of Calendula Oil 

Use oil as a Skin Care

  • Pot marigold oil possesses many healthy properties that help in different ways and techniques. People these days are sensitive and careful about their skin. They use different types of products in order to make their skin as desired. Calendula oil acts as a remedy for many skin problems. It also enhances the glow and appearance of the skin.
  • Researches show that its oil provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It has remarkable SPF properties making it a natural warrior for sun protection. However, it is not fully supported when used as a sunscreen.


 Benefits of Calendula | Calndula nutrients and side effects

Oil for wounds

its oil is thought to be a great source for accelerating the pace of wound healing. A research of 2013 states that Aloe Vera and ointment helps in speeding up episiotomy recovery time.

Calendula for Acne

It is an efficient natural product for the treatment of acne, the calendula has the properties of removing pimples and prevents pimples from forming. Although there are still doubts about its ability to treat acne.

Calendula oil for diaper rash

Pot marigold oil is more beneficial than any Aloe Vera based ointment used to soothe diaper rash. We can use this oil directly or we can also mix it with a small amount of Aloe Vera based ointments.

Side Effects of Calendula

  • Generally, calendula is safe to use but there are people who might be allergic to it. People allergic to new skin products should perform a skin patch test before using this oil. Few considerations are important to keep in mind;
  • You should not use it if you are allergic to plants in the Asteraceae / Compositae family.
  • Pregnant or lactating women should not use calendula, this information is for the safety of the pregnant woman.
  • A person should not take calendula two weeks before he/she undergoes a surgery since it can cause drowsiness.
  • Do not consume calendula with any type of sedative drug.

The Benefits of Calendula | Calndula nutrients and side effects


The appropriate consumption of calendula depends on various factors such as a person’s age, health, and several other factors. There is not much research yet to determine its proper dosage. You must follow directions given on the label of calendula products.

Nutrients in Calendula

Calendula’s nutrients have not been evaluated for potential benefits. In April 2012, the “Chemistry Central Journal” published an analytic report of the flower’s active components; calendula contains antioxidants. The leaves contain lutein and beta-carotene, which are vitamin A carotenoids that work as antioxidants. Your body can also convert beta-carotene into the form of vitamin A it needs to maintain vision and healthy skin.

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