7 Health Benefits of Cauliflower | Gardeninfograph

7 Health Benefits of Cauliflower | Gardeninfograph


Cauliflower is a flowering plant from a species Brassica oleracea in the genus of brassica in the family of Brassicaceae. This vegetable comes in many different varieties and colors like white, off-white, red, green and purple. In appearance, cauliflower looks very delicate and it tastes amazingly delicious. Let us know more out this vegetable in detail about its nutritional value and health benefits.


Nutritional value of cauliflower

  • per 100gm cauliflower contains 104 kJ energy, 5 gm carbohydrates, 2 gm dietary fibers and 1.9 gm sugar.
  • It also contains vital minerals like potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium which aids in improved bone health, immunity, a boon for people suffering from low BP, cures ingestion, etc.
  • Cauliflower is packed with essential vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin K.
  • Apart from these, you will also get benefits of folate, vitamin b9, and pantothenic acid.
  • Other than this it also contains a small amount of vitamin E, magnesium, Sulphur, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and zinc.

 Health benefits of cauliflower

Cauliflower contains many vital minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and many more. Also, it is very delicious and delicate looking too. Now let us look at some health benefits of this amazingly delicious vegetable.

Improved digestion

Cauliflower, as mentioned above, contains dietary fibers. Some fluids in our body are responsible for the digestion of food that we eat but when the temperature in our stomach increases than the average temperature needed for the digestion of food then we face stomach problems like constipation and acidity. Cauliflower due to rich in fibers supports stomach fluid to digest food and flushes it out from our body.

Wound healing

Wounds heal because of blood tissues and platelets clot the blood in the area from where we got hurt. This is because of the presence of vitamin K in our blood which tends to heal our wounds at a much faster rate. Vitamin K does not only heal wounds faster but it also increases bone health.


Energy booster

Do you remember your doctor prescribing you b-complex tablets whenever you feel low in energy or after a serious viral fever? B-complex or vitamin B-6 also known as folate increases the number of WBC and RBC in our bone marrow, WBC fights against bacteria and RBC carries oxygen to the blood cells. Folate also converts carbohydrates into energy.

Reduced stroke rate

A stroke is defined as a brain attack when vital blood flow and oxygen in the brain is cut off. This happens when blood vessels carrying blood clogs by a blood clot. This is a severe condition that can make our brain cells die due to cut off the oxygen supply.

Strong bones

Do you know like our skin our bones also shed old cells and replace them by new cells? Yes, it true it may sound weird but our bones replace old cells by new and for that our bones need a good amount of calcium in the daily bases to keep generating new cells and in order to make our bones healthy and strong. Cauliflower contains a good amount of calcium to make our bones healthy and strong.

Keep a check on BP

Blood pressure depends on the rate of pumping of blood through heart, low blood pressure is known as hypotension. In this situation, blood pressure decreases low enough to make you feel dizzy because the blood doesn’t reach all the organs including. There can be many symptoms of low blood pressure like headache, fatigue, dizziness, blur eyes and many more. Potassium is a salt which is recommended for those with low B.P. cauliflower is rich in potassium hence making it boon for low B.P people.


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Eye health

Eyes are the most delicate and important organ which lets us appreciate the nature around us it helps us observe our environment. We need to take good care of our eyes as it can also get hurt with an object as light as a hair. Therefore, eye care is very crucial hence we have to make sure we consume a good amount of vitamin A in our day to day life.

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